15 June 2016

D.I.Y Suite

Hello all, 

Well my doll had her two week getaway and she back to open the rest of her boxes, Today she unpacking her Dining room, As you see she has a great view 

First of all she needed to change the walls she wanted modem and went for black walls as her chairs are black and white

 But as she can not find the table to match she thought why not make one :) So she went of to the flea market and found these for 10sc 

As these were a deal she paid for four of them and placed them side by side as you see below 

For the table she had these below packed so she used them as table mats/table cloth 


Next lighting, No not the one that in the sky I mean lights she had these unpacked and used them on the side walls , Tow of them she placed upside down 

Next she added four of these on to the back wall 

So as you see below she has unpacked all her bits and bobs and placed her rug under the tables 
added her two cheese plants and even had time to cook a meal :) fancy joining her ? 

Well I hope you like this next week she will be unpacking her Living room
 So till then 
Take Care 

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