23 June 2016

Digital Inspired

DreamKiller by RHADS

Hi Dolls, 

     I have been away last week. I had my university application stuff. It went well, but the opportunity itself wasn't fulfilling my expectations. I still love my hometown of paradise.

    So this week I'll continue with "x inspired stardoll articles". My friend recommended me another roll of paintings. Then I thouht, let's go for Digital Art! 

    As an old active member of DeviantArt community, I occasionally come across real good DeviantArt post inspired stardolls. Unfortunately, most of the time I forget where they are, so I had to dig some from start. 

       I wanted to start with FlyingNose since she made another art from an art, where you can not say  "inspired" anymore. Yes I'm huge fan of nose!  

     FlyingNose's inspiration is a painting by  Ken-Wong, Called Mistaken Identity. It's one of his surrealist digital paintings from 2008. This painting also has work in progress shots. You can download his pictures. I recommend a check on his entire gallery! 

      Second is an art from Mamerala, inspired by a screen shot from a Facebook game called Insanity .  You can check the game on facebook! I have not played it, but I really like some of the arts of  facebook games. I remember there were finding clue games and mafia wars. Those sorts of games have been my favorite! 

      Her inspiration is a monster in the game. Kinda reminds me of Silent Hill to me. Also there was a  Virtual Reality stall in the mall recently, and when you choose a horror you find yourself in a torture  house. Her pick reminds me of that game. 

      Looking at her effort, don't you think it's a really good cosplay? 

      My third pick is Fame.Lady.Gaga. and her doll is a parody by TsaoShin. Part of Your No is a  piece of his Grumpy Disney folder. If you check his gallery, you'll find amazing art and humour related to Grumpy Cat

      It's amazing to see the likeness between the two pictures! Fame. put a lot of effort on her art, and  I believe both of the artists received their respective features.

      My final feature is a work of JoTheQueen inspired by Scorched Earth by Arcipello(Daniel Conway). And art from  2012. He also has a dark version of this picture. You can download it as wallpaper. You can also purchase the art from the site. 

Work by Jothequeen

original art, Scorched Earth

I also gave it a good try. As you see it's a not a detailed styling as usual. This is a piece called The Raven by Yuumei (aka Wenqin Yan) She is a nice person I've known for a while. And her art is so amazing and inspiring. Her Fisheye Placebo comic series are amazing. I wish they'd get updated more frequently.

What about you? Want to give it a quick try, inspired by the Digital Art? Or do you get your inspiration through other means? 

You can browse here for more art! 

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