4 June 2016

Designer of the Week: Ledyele


This weeks designer will be a unique one: Ledyele

She designs watches and bracelets with stardesign hair! Her works are pretty much amazing. 
Referring to the information on her presentation, her name is Eleonora (isn't it such a pretty name?). She is 19 years old from Italy. 

She have various designs. At first she has simple and modern watches 

She also designed ones from famous brands

She also has customized watch and bracelet combos and takes commission! how great is that?

Finally she even has necklace designs!

She even has a nice attitude towards achievements
Also here are couple of her deleted designs

I think she is pretty smart to pick such an accessory and designs them. I loved her detailed work. Also planning to get some for myself 

Do you also design such specific piece in designs? 

♥ Cyber ♥

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