30 June 2016

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you're having a more relaxed weekend compared to mine. I've been slow for last couple of months and my boss was not happy about it. Now he gave me an impossible task, now I'm like John Wick, burying bodies to build foundation  rewriting the software for a different device. It's going great though! Of course instead of talking about a dark movie persona let's chat about complete opposite: Holly Golightly.

I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's first on a long flight across Atlantic Ocean. I usually dodge the chick flicks, since they often are not my type of humour. However this movie was really amazing. Every character is so interesting. eh.. maybe not the old man popped somewhere in the middle. 

I tried reading Truman Capote's book. It surely is a nice book, but compared to this iconic timeless movie, it's not as amazing. 

The movie starts with the well known scene, Audrey Hepburn window shopping with a coffee and a danish in her Little Black Dress. LBD was originated from Chanel's well known evening dress, but it became a precious piece of our closet after this movie. Personally, myself accustomed to LBD most of the time during winter. On summers I switch to Little Flowery Dresses. 

Paul meets Holy, in her interesting morning get up. Those dangling things are earplugs. I need a pair!
Her mean reds philosophy is amazing.

In a way it sounds like a consumer's dream, but when you stop and think It also gives a feeling of longing for a peaceful life. So you can buy some furniture enough to stay long, and can attach to people around you so knowing their names will have some meaning. If not, you're the same as not having a name for yourself. 

Yeah she whistles for the taxi. Because "tis easy" Then she heads to chat with this infamous gangster Sally Tomato. All I saw about him was how cool was that gangster to be honest. Or it's Holy Golightly, making him charismatic. She helps out him with weird weather reports(!) for 100 bucks. 

Paul wasn't cleaner than Holly with this married woman. Still as she says: 

Also dem parties with every sorts of crazy people. I would love to be there just to watch people, while sipping on my free bourbon

And she plays Moon River at one scene. That song was originally written for the movie, so it'd fit Audrey Hepburn's vocal range. It's a song about childhood memories even connected with Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn! I loved that book when I was little. 

She has some other casual outfits too, my favourites are below. Once she was drunk, second she was planning to move to Brazil. Despite the quirkiness of the story, there was so much drama about detachment towards life. Although she acts like a gold digger, Holy has a very strong character! 

And there are these times! Stores moments were so funny. My favorite dialog was in Tiffany's shop. The bargain was amazing

So here I gave a lot of spoilers! But it's still no where close to what you will witness when you watch this  movie. Do you have any 60s movies you really like as well?

Hope you don't have a gruesome thursday as Holy.

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