22 June 2016

D.I.Y Suites

Hello all,

Hope you're all well,

This week I bring you my dolls living room for this room  am using one of the LE interiors as I am trying to keep the daylight theme in all the rooms

Now my doll need to add some walls so we paid for these below and placed them where she needs them to be 

Then had the floor laid and window put in using these three items below

So far the room coming along 

Note*  My doll also paid for this item below to use as a side wall

Now for the sofa. I wanted one facing forward and the only one is the Wild West one also another brown one I think but I wanted Black and Cream plus show you how to make a D.I.Y sofa 

You will need really any sofa that looks like the black one below Note make sure it is plain as possible 

Place this one in front of the cream one below and make it as big as you need it

Then add some cushions and place them in front of the black sofa then bring the black sofa forward . I am using two of the black sofas as you see below 

 Now below I used two of these tables to make the arms of the sofa. but you can leave them off  as it is a bit pricey

But does set of the look and I then removed the cream sofa 

So here we are so far. As you see my doll was able to find two matching sofas 

So for the finishing touches a bookcase as been added well two have one is a set of starsdesign wall panels made by DTmeow 

And here we have it the Living room 

Next week will be my dolls office 
So till then 
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