11 June 2016

Designer Of The Week !!!

There’s so many amazing designers to speak about, but first I would like to speak about Lisa---s
She made a post asking for wigs inspiration so I decided to send one, I couldn’t believe when she picked it. From that day we started speaking and became friends.
Lisa is really a nice person, real life artist and stardoll designer, she always tries to do her best in what she’s doing.
What’s amazing about her; she usually picks special wigs inspirations.

These particular ones were really special: 
More designs by her:

 She designs fashion and decor as well:

She accepts taking requests and costumes when she has time. She made a lot for me, but I loved these most:

You can check her other wigs designs on her account presentation Lisa---s

She also has another account which she designs on sometimes Meow.meow.meow

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