1 June 2016

Starcoin D.I.Y Suite

Good Morning/Afternoon

First of all I will not be bringing you my dolls dining room this week as I have a nightmare week
with it being the school holidays and that I am taking care of one more rabbit plus two more hamsters plus weather is well WET and I have come down with a sore throat, So this week as I have asked many times to do a cheap suite so OK this week I am making a star coin suite

I have many come to me wishing they had a suite like me and as they never have Sd and I tell them every time you can have a nice room with sc items I have even done them rooms

Plus now with the new flooring already in the room it is great instead of that brown thing that you would find it a well lets face it a dump

So what I have done is filtered just for sc and I will not use lets say my free LE items

Right what I have is a balcony in sc and two windows, with the windows I only used the bottom half and flip one of them this way it looks like a nice bush outside the window

Next we need a bed as we are making a hotel room, So you have a choice of two beds as you see below

Next I picked 4 of these Villa curtains 

And place them over the windows as you see below 

I then added some pink curtains but might remove them yet :) 
I also added some textiles in sc ie pillows rug the gown also the dress 

So below buy two of the birds on a wire and turn them upside down place them behind the bed and then use them as phone/lamp sockets 

Also I have used the storage boxes as bedside tables 
Next all you need to do is a some sc plants/flowers and other items plus the sc picture

And here you have it below a bedroom in starcoins items 

As you see above you have a room in Starcoin items only and below is my hotel room in Star dollars
And as you see you can have a great room in Sc only difference is the cost 
Next week I promise I will get around to the others rooms but till then
Take Care 
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