3 June 2016

Doll Feature: Qilin

Hi Dollies! 
We don't seem to have enough followers yet to have a contest. so I'm replacing today's contest by featuring a doll 

Recently I met one of those hidden dolls who are on Stardoll for channeling their creative skills than being under spotlight! So I'm exposing Qilin 

Most of his suites are fantasy inspired. It's like Alice  Qilin in Wonderland in these looks.

Here He's more like a prince of a fairy tale! The details are amazing.

There are samurai, steampunk (with baphomet-ish detail), final fantasy like outfits!  

Occasionally our muse goes modern but still in a posh outfit!

He doesn't design much! But there is this cute fox he made! 

What do you think? Did you enjoy our new post? Did you ever make something similar?  

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