22 June 2016

Callie's Picks Decor Released!

After a long time of released, we have the 8th edition of Callie's Picks Decor
Theme is related to Midsummer party in Sweden. Since Sweden is a northern country, on midsummer they have a very long day and around an hour of night. So many of the people party outside, some put on tents, drink and have fun.
There really isn't much in the store, and some of the starcoins items are now in stardollars. However bench and bush are pretty useful for many suite designs. 
Flower crown is nice. 
That Dalecarlian Horse(or DalahĂ€st)! There isn't really much story about this horse, it's just an wooden toy. However it's a very popular toy, became a symbol of Sweden. There is also this about the horse... However I've been told, this is just a legend. 

I have one at home from our visit there with my mom 20 years ago.

Hope you like the release! Is there anything you plan to buy?

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