2 June 2016

Paintings Inspired!

Hi Everyone,

We're halfway through the week! Let's  make it a bit more exciting. So here I decided to  make a simple theme for this week for styling. Paintings inspired outfits! Would you like to join me with your ideas?

Here are mine:

  • So I will start from my favourite era to second favourite era! Here is an "oil on canvas" art from Italian Baroque artist, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. This is a sinister painting if you have a good look. The one with dark clothes is a daydreaming unworldly rich boy playing with sly another. Sly boy has his extra cards and a dagger ready. The older man knows what's going on! 

Caravaggion 1594, The Cardsharps

So here is my doll looking a bit of rich pure baroque boy  

  • The next painting will be a Rococo era one. Jean Honore is a remarkable painter of the time. They're all about love, beauty and seduction... Look at this picture! Just look at it! She has been pushed by her older lover, but lets younger man peek under the frills  of her dress while the slipper flying over Greek god of discretion and two little cherubims are crying behind her. What a heartless pretty lady?

Jean Honore 1767, The Swing

Here is my take on this obscene painting

  • Next two paintings I chose are drawn in bougival! I've been to there last fall/winter. It's a nice suburban area of Îl de France, where Seine river pass. It's a nice river-side town with too much peace. The area is still built in old part, which makes it impossible for me to drive in the streets. So it's also called the town of impressionist painters. Renoir and Claude Monet are the most famous examples. I wish there were still people dancing to their hearts' content there, besides boring people with their boring big houses, ignorant of those at least 200 years old details of this town. 

Claude Monet 1869, the Bathers at La Grenouillère 
Renoir 1883, Dance at bougival

Here is my 19th century dancing outfit for Bougival. However it was cold there.. so if you are setting foot there in winter, I suggest woolen tops, scarves, beanies, gloves, tights. Heavy coats and thick boots are your best friends forever!

  •   Isn't Van Gogh one of the most fascinating personas of history? The guy spent time in asylum to get inspiration! He rumoured to cut his own ear, although from what I understood: He had a big fight with a good friend and his ear got cut, no details about what happened. But Van Gogh states he did it. That's what I heard from someone in France. If you know a better information please let me know.  

Vincent Van Gogh 1889, Starry Night
Yes, I'm that lazy and shameless to put the minimum effort!

  • I don't really know anything about Matisse! but his cubist paintings are amazing. an exact 100 years old of painting. It is my favorite piece in last museum miles release.
Matisse 1916, the Italian Woman

Here is my Italian Woman! I'm sure I had some top similar to one she wears.. but let's go with this!

  • I really love Salvador Dali! This is my second favorite. Here you see the technology enters the paintings. There is silk printing! He's renowned for his modern surrealism paintings. I think this also lead people toward pop art in 60s. Also L'Espace Dalì museum in Montmartre, Paris is very interesting

Salvador Dali 1954, montre molle au moment

So I occupied you all for another Thursday. Show me your inspirations!
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