25 August 2016

A Fairy Tale

    Once upon a time there was a girl who born into a small wealthy family. Ever since she was little her life was filled with everything of a princess would have. She loved sweets, music, beautiful toys, and dress… She was spoiled by her family. However she was home schooled. She never interacted with anyone other than shop keepers, baristas, waiters, maids, and teachers. She did not have any siblings and her cousins were either way older or way younger. However she was happy with her life so far. 

One day her beloved mathematics teacher had to leave. Couple of weeks she had to study on her own. On a rainy evening, they had a visitor. She didn’t get to see the person. But as the maid told her, a young man came over. He wanted to take the mathematics teacher. Elderly maid was a little scared, saying the young man was a fearsome man. 

When she met the man she was prepared to be scared. As she never met a man at such age, or having such looks. He was dark for sure and a bit sad, but she was not scared. As their classes started, she was more captivated by the man. He was so knowledgeable.

However there was so much darkness in him. He was always sad and looked like out of this world. He didn’t only teach mathematics, but also told her about oceans, islands, animals, storms, cities, religions. Showed her maps, books, music she has never seen nor listened. He saw many things she never imagined, or only read in her books. It was as if he lived more than he looked. 

One day the weather was so perfect, she requested him to take their classes outside in the garden. She prepared a lot of food, and tea. As they sat together she said she would love to travel to see outside of world, would he like to take her out there? She wanted to have adventures with him.

He told her, he would love to take her. But he’s not an ordinary man. He has been so long on this earth, as he sacrificed a lot of his life to get his ageless youth and beauty. His worth was nothing before, so he was cursed by a witch to keep his appearance. She asked some questions. Why was it a curse? He said, he cannot give his heart to anyone, or the curse would break and he will start to age very quickly. Then she asked what’s wrong with aging? He was shocked. He didn’t know how to answer.

Young man started to feel pain at his heart. He thought he was getting older and he was not going to be welcomed at the house anymore. One morning he saw a streak of white hair on his hair. He decided to take his leave. As there was a cold white snow outside.

Girl was sad as he left with a single note from him that he had to leave as he started to age. She didn’t know what aging was. She knew old people were amazing people as her parents, and people she met before. She thought he must be upset, since he saw people getting old and leaving the world before him. She went to town to her favorite cafe. She consulted Mr. Fox, the barista about the young man.

Mr. Fox handed her a glass plate. She was about to ask, then saw the unnatural glitters on the plate. The plate was made of crystal that she has never saw. Mr. Fox told her to open her heart to the plate. She saw him walking alone in the cold and sad.

She knew where he could be, so she stormed outside to the train station. The snow was getting heavier as the train moved. She found him at the train station, puzzled. She was about to cry, and he was so shocked to see her. They did not even exchange a single word, but happy to be together again and embraced each other to their hearts content. Starting that evening, they treasured each other and went after every adventure together. As they forgot to count the years and white hairs.

The End

Hi Everyone! How are you? Hope you're having a great week. This week I'm inspired by FlyingNose. The suite and doll made me think about our contrast in looks and thought there would be a good story. 

While I was preparing this article, I dared myself to give Edgar Allan Poe one more try, this time in Turkish. Went and bought a random volume without looking at the name of story. First one to pick was Ligeia. It was so inspiring to be honest. Next story is about a whirlpool. Maybe next week I'd write about whirlpool. 

What is your favorite story?

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