29 August 2016

Items I Would Never Have My Doll Wear

Good Morning All,

Well after a long long did I say long week I was stomped on styling this week, As my brain is fried

So I thought I would re wire my brain and try to style items that I would never buy for my doll and BTW still might not :)

1st A item from Wild Candy

This skirt I never have liked it do not like how it sits
to be honest I never put skirts on my doll much
But here is how I styled the skirt added a white shirt and a brown jacket,bag and boots 

Next is a dress from Pretty N Love 

This dress is cute but not for my doll it is to cute for her :)

But this is how I would have my doll wear the dress

Next items was a skirt from Jet Set 

So with this skrit I styled it for the summer look 

Now this top from Royalty Store 

This is not a bad top but a bit too much patten for me
I did make this style with it 

Next store is from VO 
I think I own 3 items from this store so it was easy to pick any item from this store
I picked this top 

And I made this outfit 

So as you can see really most items that you would never think of buying or even trying it on your doll 

What I would like is for you to give it ago
See if you can find a item that you really do not like and see if you can make it look great 

Till next week


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