3 August 2016

From This To This

Good Afternoon All, 

This week D.I.Y I am bringing you this background that most of us got free last year.

I like you show you how to make the most of this y just not adding a few plants 

Going to 1st use my two favorite items on Stardoll and as you see I am trying to show you how to make the most with these items as this is my 3rd D.I.Y post using these 

So 1st place 4 or 5 of these down in one of the corners so they line up like these you see below 

Now with these place them down to form a wall  very easy I have left my room like this if you would like to copy/see

Then use the bushes to hide the plant things on the stone 

Now from this I am trying something new using these two items 

And so far I have made this using 3 of the diy items and the sims four pool (BTW) I have made this on my Sims 

From this I am learning like you :)

I have placed three of these behind the pool 

And also added two of the diy items to make stairs 

Now using these from Furry Friends 

I have made grass 

And here it is just added some finishing touches 

And here one I made earlier just by using the plants and bushes I was able to make a hill/wall then place a house on it 

So as you can see these two items can be used for many things 

Till Next Week 


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