9 August 2016

D.I.Y Suite A Mountain View

Hello All , 

This weeks D.I.Y post I want to bring you this, most of my suite ideas come from google pictures

I came across this one above I thought I would give it a go 
So I am  going to try redo this and share with you how 
First we need the background 

This one will do for now :)

Now we need sand and water 

Buy two of these 

And for now two of these 

With one of the Basic mats place that at the bottom and as large as you can then as you see in the picture below place the sand above one smaller that the other 

For the house a great buy is one of these  below 

I placed the building down and so far covered the front 

 Using this below as it does match the building colour

Now that is it for now on the house let's move on to the rocks behind 
I am using YES these again 

 Now using these place them behind the house make some large 

Now add some trees behind up to you which ones you would like to use also add as much or as little 

And then place the 2nd blue rug behind and add some more of the rock planters behind 

Now it should start to look a bit like this above :) 
OK Now all you need to do is add some items some more plants and a few boats/ships 

So here you have it all this taking of just one picture on google 

Till next week 

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