27 August 2016

Fashion designing competition

SNTA is back, but most focusing on hair made designs, so I would like to make a fashion only competition for you, I understand that not many into designing, but it's for fun and I would like to see how creative you will be not how great the design is.

To make it easy and cheap,
I would like to see how you will use this specific design in creating a fashion piece:

You can see what I made with it as example:

*You can use a fakie if you dont have enough SC's/SD's or draw it in simple way just to show how you wish to use it.(if it's a drawing please write your user with it)
*Using stardoll/decor items instead of full designed piece is fine as long as you can mix the egg/s with it.

80 SD's wishlist items and one of my (fashion/interior) designs or new request of your choice.
(I will also put on my presentation with your user. If it's a drawing I will put on my Deviantart account/ if you have account there I will fave it.)

Other entries get one of these:

You have two weeks to enter.
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