8 August 2016

Styling With My Favorite Items

Hello All,

This week's post I want to share with you my favorite items on Stardoll and after I hope you share yours with us

What I am going to do is pick my favorite dress, boots, top and so on I will be going down the list

So first is dresses I have always loved the YH Dress I was not on Stardoll when this came out, 
so I had to look for it for over 2 years and saw it one day for 350sd :) which was great price for this 

I do get ask to sell it from time to time and my answer is always no sorry

This is how I would style it now in 2016 

Next Body Accessories 
Out of these t has to be my scarves 
Now my favorite one has to be this one designed by Sisi358

I paid for this from my daughter when she needed sd 
Not sure why but this one I always end up putting on my doll 
BTW I love my scarves in the real world too more than bags 
I own one bag from River Island :)

This is how I would style it now 

Jumpsuits next 
I never put them on my doll much so I would have to say out of the ones I own
This one I have my doll wear more 

I would style this body suit with a lot of the items that we have had come out new this year 
But here is one style I would have my doll wear a lot 

Alot of green
Plus LE
What not good about this :)

Shoes next
Well if you do not know what I will pick then you all need to get to know me all over again :)

Yes Boots I love me boots I have two favorites my free white one and the hot buy black ones :)
Can not think which room the white ones are n my doll always taking them off and never 
cleaning up after herself 
( Anna and your maid just comes and puts her feet up. you work her to hard ) lol
So I will style my black boots :)

Before I do this I will note that I have the song "These boots are made for walking" In my head :)

Anyway I use these alot so I styled these with this top from Diesel which I might add I can not remember buying :)

Outerwear is next 
Now this is hard I like a lot of them but really never put them on my doll a lot 
I picked the one that I most wanted along time ago  and it is this one the Alicia Keys Jackets 

With this I would always wear jeans with them and i long top underneath 
This is how I wear mine n the real world :)

Next was Bottoms and mine are these waited months to get them this low 
High waisted trousers from Archives 

I have had my doll wear these for two months now and the top is made by just wearing a white top and adding the tattoo 

Intimates are next 
I love these even have 3 pairs of them 

I always style them with a brown items and black 

as I say in the real world I own one on Stardoll I own many :)

My favorite one is this one I paid 111sd for it then 2 weeks later Callie released it :/

Here s how I would style it now :)

So last one Tops 

This you will find weird but this is my favorite top 

I always go back to this one a lot and always style it with a sweater 

So what is yours ? 
Will you share ? 
Till next week 

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