8 August 2016

Some Updates To Know About

Hello All,

Just a quick post to let you know we have added some new links to the side bar

We now have now added our featured doll of the week the picture of the doll and they link. This will change each Sunday
If you would like to see a doll you really admire please say you all get a say :)

We have added a slide show, Yes my doll but this will change as we would like to have our user to add a picture on here with the best outfits on :) We will then add them to flickr and upload them to the slide show :)

Next we have added a search bar and also  if you see we have added the link post of the competition  that will be going on at the time. We have added this to see if more then enter as we all get busy and forget also for you too see and not forget :p 

And last we have added a blog list this shows you our and maybe your favorite blogs latest post so you will not miss out on the latest comps/news and yes gossip but no drama :)

And that is it for now guys :) 

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