1 August 2016

The Best Look

Good Afternoon All,

 I have been thinking on a styling post and thought I would try this one

 Beauty Parlor 

Not to brag but  have had a few say how do I always have my doll look so good , 

I want to share some looks with you for non ss and ss and what eyes,nose,lips and so look best with what hair 

NOTE* Always make you doll bald before changing or making a look as some eyes do not go with the eyes like in real life 

So for NON SS 

Here is two hairstyles one for a lower level and the other for higher level . So as you see below I have shown you what I think are the best matching with Eyes to Nose 

This look is for the lower non ss 

And this one is for the higher you need to unlock the hair and trust me you want it so bad, You wait and by then you have paid for designer wigs that when you  have unlocked it you never wear it 

Again same as the other I have shown you what goes best

Lower Level 

Higher Level 

Now For 
SS Users 

With SS I try not to use all the ss items as we all look alike then 

Next look 

With this one I have used the ss eyes and the only ones that I do like 
And as you see I always use the same Brows 

So I do not want to tell you how to style your doll but wanted to just tell you that you might like a hairstyle you may buy it then think what a waste it does not look right on mine
Well this might be the reason. I have to change my dolls look all the time to have designer wigs like better on mine 

So Till Next Week 
Bye For Now

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