22 August 2016

Styling By Rooms

Hello All 

This week I thought I would style you all again by one of your room themes. Anna gave me this idea :) so I am starting with Anna
As you see I styled Anna in a cowgirl look as in this room I feel she is in Texas 

With Cyber I found her shopping then back to her Boss Karl, Cyber needed to change so I dressed
her wearing light colours to match the room 

With our featured doll of the week I came to visit her and we went to the summer room. So Elena had to change in to a cute summer top from Pretty N Pink and some PPQ shorts
Please do visit this lady even designs Hair and Decor 

So with this Lady she does do the same as me and styles to each room as you see above 

So I did find her in this room a bit overdressed for the hot weather, so I kept her in the dress and shoes and just put on a white top also she needed some bags for the shopping trip to buy us all gifts :) 

I have to say this starting this post I thought it would be easy but you ladies have a great style

I kept to her style just changed the outfit :) 

This lady I dressed for the Opera as this room always makes me think the Opera :)

Well here is just some of my ideas sorry Stardoll playing up and will not load items 
So if I get time later I will add more when Stardoll playing nice :)

Till Next Time 

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