16 August 2016

Our Top Five Outfits Of The Week

Hello All 

Hope you are doing well, 
 First of all you have till Sunday to enter our comp Click Here 

So as I said Monday we are going to try this out, May need to work out some kinks but we will see :)

Right what we would like you to do is post your outfit of the day as many do post 

( This will be a weekly thing )

Now we would like you upvote others the writer will upvote who they like the most 

     (    Please feel free to ask your friends to vote even enter )

Next Monday we will count up the votes and the top five will be placed on the slide show on the right for one week and also get One Item on their  wish list costing up to 50sd 


Have your say

What we would like from you is for you to say if you would like this themed sometimes 
For Example 
Sc items only
Sd items only 
All PINK :)
Dress in one store only 
Using a free item
Using a item from this week release 
And so on 

Your doll can be dressed in your suite or Plaza Window 


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